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Biking - road ride

This spectacular 10.5 mile winding climb up to Hyalite Reservoir is another ride that’s best attacked early in the day to avoid traffic. An ideal spot for an overnight tour (there’s a campground with potable water near the reservoir) or just a nice 25 mile round trip from town, Hyalite is truly Bozeman’s go-to backyard play spot. For the deluxe cycling experience, hit it during the April sweet spot when the snow’s come off but the road is still closed to cars. You can cut the 7 miles of 19th Avenue (or S. 3rd, depending on your pickup tolerance) each way by parking near the Hyalite Canyon Road turnoff, and be sure to wear visible clothing and lights for the terrifically fun hairpin turns on the descent.

Date: 16-Dec-2013 Time: 13:00
Trail is fairly packed until shortly past Arch Falls, thanks to the ice climbers who were there last week. After that, you'll start to wish you had snowshoes or skis instead of grippers. We met multiple ice climbers, one of whom said Hyalite ice is "rad" and "awesome" compared to Colorado.

Date: 27-Jul-2013 Time: 0:00
Curious about the # of down trees across this trail (Hyalite Creek / Hyalite Lake). We were there two weeks ago, and there were several. We're thinking about doing some trail clearing but don't want to bring the saw unless we know the trail still needs clearing.

Date: 13-Jul-2013 Time: 20:00
In response to the post by das kind: I agree with Outside Bozeman's inclusion of this trail on its "Best of" list. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. This trail has fun, technical climbing and descending. It's probably best suited for a bike with at least 4" of full suspension. 6" might be ideal. Pretty much uphill the whole way up (including steep uphills with rocks and roots). I also agree with das kind's assessment that the trail can be crowded and that bikers need to keep speed under control. (Sorry about the sideways pic; it's right side up on my computer. Don't see where to change the orientation on Beta Scout).

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