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  19 September 2017  |  Vol: 4 facebooktwitterrss  
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In-town trails
Biking - easy-moderate

Let’s hear it for the hometown team! Two big advantages for the in-town rides: One, they have the longest season, and two, you can get to the trailheads in a snap under your own power. Okay, that second note reminded us of another benefit: you can get back from the trailhead to many available brew-holes without a car, too.

Most notable of the available rides has been the Painted Hills Trail and the Story Hills road and trail—until recently. Opening in August of 2013, the Highland Glenview Trail adds 5 miles of singletrack, all in a dry creek that’s within city limits but feels like something from the lonesome Montana sagebrush. Please note, the Glenview trail is almost exclusively on private land, so if even a small percentage of users treat this land (or the grazing cows) irresponsibly, we’ll all be locked out of this parcel for a long, long time.

If you’re looking for... a better in-town trail system, Moab is 10 hours away by car.

Distance:  Highland Glen Nature Preserve boasts 4.8 miles of singletrack, but you can easily beef that up by linking to Peet's Hill and/or the Painted Hills trail.

Elevation gain:  100 feet

Season:  Snow-dependent early or late in the year, but riding may be possible from late March to November.

Trails used:  NA

Map of trailheads:

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Link here for the Magpie's "Sneak Peek: Highland Glen Nature Preserve is open."

Date: 24-Aug-2013 Time: 0:00
Nice to be able to ride from my house over Peet's and into this new trail network. Still bumpy, but plenty to love. My only gripe is that the smoke is now sufficient that I could feel it in the back of my throat. I don't believe it's a good idea to go really high and far right now. Much as that sucks to say.

Date: 07-Aug-2013 Time: 8:00
Went back for an A.M. loop. Even better. If Painted Hills was the best in-town singletrack, it's now in 3rd place with the top two spots both going to Highland Glen. (Could they have chosen a blander name, btw? "Whispering Cottonwoods" "Stuttering Quakers?")

Date: 07-Aug-2013 Time: 0:00
This shot from HGNP might be the best image I've taken all year.

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