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Biking - moderate-advanced

The popular options for riders accessing the Bangtail Divide Trail from Highway 191 involve loop rides from Stone Creek trailhead or Olson Creek Road or Brackett Creek trailhead, with the return loop often on Highway 86.

If, like me, you don’t enjoy riding your mountain bike on a highway with vehicular travel speeds exceeding 70 mph, consider doing an out-and-back from any of the three. Brackett is great as an out-and-back; Stone is a workhorse for climbing and switchbacks; and Olson... well, Olson is primarily a gravel road.

If you’re looking for... something body- and mind-blowing, consider Brackett to Stone or Stone to Brackett. The only thing bigger than the ride is the view of the Crazies, the Bridgers, the Gallatins, and the Absarokas—from one spot.

Distance:  Out-and-backs from Brackett Creek or Stone Creek trailheads vary, but the full loop including about 8 miles of Highway 86 riding takes the total over 30 miles.

Elevation gain:  3,200 feet

Seasons:  Mid-June to mid-October

Trails used: #504

Map of trailheads:

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For an insider's perspective on Bozeman's two-wheel scene, link here to "The Bike Mechanic's Guide to Bozeman Trails."

Date: 21-Oct-2013 Time: 16:00
Slippery mud on the Stone Creek (south) section: continuous between miles 1 & 2; intermittently between 2 & 5. Patches of snow up to 8" deep between mile 4 and 5 (summit). But, oh, what a glorious surprise of a view when we crested the summit!

Date: 07-Jul-2013 Time: 14:00
We had the no-so-brilliant idea to drive up Jackson Creek Rd to the ridge and access Bangtail Divide Trail from there. Unfortunately the road is pretty rutted, and at the 6 mile mark it gets real humpy, just past a "Damaged Road" sign. Four wheelers and dirt bikes would love it, but our AWD not-so-much. So we turned back to the Jackson Creek Tralhead and hiked up the ATV trail. Ran into several friendly, courteous dirt bikers (who were there to avoid the mtn bikers and hikers on Bangtail) who advised us to go up #555 to the peak. Fantastic views and meadows of lupine. But bring bug spray; the biting flies were awful.

Date: 10-Jun-2013 Time: 12:00
Beautiful tiny wildflowers in the meadow 3.5 miles east of Miles Creek Rd. Trail through the woods has 6 snow piles and lots of muddy spots, but is hike-able.

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