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Sacajawea Peak
Hiking - moderate

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Don’t let Sac’s title as “the highest point in the Bridgers” scare you. By driving to the Fairy Lake campground, you’ll have removed 7,500 feet of effort from her 9,666-foot summit. Strong hikers can get through the woods, up to the saddle and around to the summit in under an hour, one way. (The aforementioned "strong hikers" may also prefer the lower trailhead, well marked and about halfway up the Fairy Lake FS road.) But no matter how long it takes you to top out, the memory of the view will stick for a long time (assuming the weather is good—if not, the view could be memorable for all the wrong reasons). In any case, Sacajawea is a peak that every able resident of our area should do at leastonce.

If you’re looking for... a place to ski in summer, off Sacajawea’s eastern ridge is a north-facing chute dubbed “The Great One.” It’s a favorite for local skiers in the warmer months, particularly on the Fourth of July.

Distance:  2.5 miles from Fairy Lake campground

Elevation gain:  Approx. 2,000 feet

Season:  It can snow on top any month of the year, but the trail is predominantly clear from July through September.

Trail(s) used: #534

Map of trailhead:

View Sacajawea Peak in a larger map

Notes: Got some better pictures from Sacajawea Peak or Fairy Lake? Send us a JPG (max width 600 pixels at 72 dpi) with the name of photographer and the date taken, and we'll share it here or our on our Facebook fanpage. To:
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