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Montana's fastest way to get up to speed, here we present news articles and dynamic features from an unlimited array of media sources—all free,  CHECK IN DAILY, the morning headlines go up weekdays at 7am.
Previous Headlines
B.C. coal mining pollutants increase in Montana watershed
Exceptional as well as original coverage by Tristan Scott.
(Source: Flathead Beacon )

Glacier proposes entrance fee increases, including 71% addition to annual pass

(Source: Missoulian )

Potholes on the roadway of Bozeman's rampant growth
On Monday night, the Bozeman City Commission was challenged to address the rise in road maintenance and road development needs—a fiscal obstacle that will only worsen over time.
(Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle )

Bullock budget includes $45M for Eastern Montana oil communities
DEFINITELY something that conservative legislators will overlook while lauding the oil&gas companies' autonomy and the beauty of the free market—whilst bashing solar-electric incentives.
(Source: Billings Gazette )

Bullock's education budget worries some, including school officials
The Montana School Boards Association has voiced concerns that the governor's proposed $1.9B for K-12 education over the next two years will create legislative problems via increased property taxes.
(Source: Great Falls Tribune )

Move over, Air Jordan: Celebrity-branded weed is here
And how long do you think Joe Camel can hold off a commercialized Bob Marley bong?
(Source: Fast Company )

U.S. water use at lowest point in 45 years
And the state with the most residential water use is...? (Hint: it's a Montana neighbor, ironically.)
(Source: High Country News )

A lifestyle piece in a New Zealand paper about Little Bighorn...?
Well, they got at least this much right: "In Custer, you had a flamboyant Civil War hero; an arrogant man motivated by political gain and column inches in the press."
(Source: New Zealand Herald)

UM report: Relatively obscure agency has outsized impact on state economy
The Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology, in 14 years, is reported to have had over a billion dollars of total impacts to the Montana economy.
(Source: Helena Independent Record/LEE )

After-hours GOP caucus meeting in Helena raising questions
“The problem of this meeting is they didn’t notify anyone," said Helena attorney Mike Meloy, "so without that it’s just as effectively closed as if the doors were locked.”
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

Montana Public Radio changes programming lineup
MTPR is a public service of the University of Montana, though the broadcasting has been challenged by $75,000 in budget cuts of the past several years.
(Source: Billings Gazette/LEE)

Warmer weather to follow record-breaking cold
Thermometers across the state bottomed out on Friday, as Cut Bank, Mont., reported a temperature of -17F.
(Source: Great Falls Tribune )

The remarkable wildlife activity that goes into making an elk carcass disappear
Barbara Lee wrote, "They took turns laboring to open the body, pushing against it with their front legs and pulling the hide mightily with their teeth."
(Source: Montana Outdoors magazine)

Don Blankenship, Coal Country's 'Dark Lord,' indicted
The former CEO of Massey Energy has been charged with willful conspiracy in connection with a 2010 explosion that killed 29 miners in Raleigh County, West Virginia.
(Source: Rolling Stone)

Yellowstone bison turned loose at Fort Peck
The 138 bison had been quarantined for 5 years in a successful bid to prevent brucellosis distribution to cattle.
(Source: Los Angeles Times )

Killing the devil: O'Neill details bin Laden shooting
Former Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill is a native of Butte, Mont.
(Source: Missoulian )

More grizzlies eating moths in region south of Yellowstone
Army cutworm moths are loaded with fats and proteins the bears need to get through winter.
(Source: Billings Gazette )

Icy, low-speed police chase found humorous to many Bozeman residents
Charles Jameslanders Tewalt, 33, this is your moment in the limelight!
(Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle )

HEALTH's second open enrollment begins November 15th
Expectations from the Obama Administration suggest 9.9 million Americans will have enrolled in health plans by the end of 2014.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

Montana tribe to receive Yellowstone bison held by Ted Turner since 2010
The transporting of the 140 bison is expected late Wednesday, delivering them to the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in northeastern Montana.
(Source: Reuters)

VA's equine therapy programs is helping Montana veterans
"You're literally seeing (the therapy) happen right in front of you," said April Brazill, VA Montana Equine Specialist.
(Source: KTVQ )

Barrett is the first woman elected Montana Senate president
Debby Barrett is a Republican from Dillon, Mont.
(Source: Helena Independent Record )

4 reasons Republicans are losing their sh*t over U.S./China climate deal
Just last month Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was decrying the Administration's climate action because the Chinese weren't on board.
(Source: Grist)

Sen. Walsh promotes bill to help prevent vet suicide
“I strongly believe we are not living up to our commitment to veterans,” said Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.).
(Source: Helena Independent Record )

Cold temperatures blast in, likely to linger a few days
(And by "a few days" they may mean the rest of November, according to some weather analysts.)
(Source: Billings Gazette)

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