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  24 November 2017  |  Vol: 4 facebooktwitterrss  
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About Us
Blake Maxwell
Blake Maxwell
If I founded The Bozeman Magpie in early 2010, then it’s now two years old and I, two years older.  Running two startups and operating next to an abyss of uncertainty, I don’t think of my tasks in the catalog sense.  When I work, I build value.  When I’m not working, I still want value, but I would argue that there’s value in a walk or in staring out the window; I’ve taken some very valuable naps.  The highest value?  Time with the boy.
Matt & Sarah Skoglund
Matt & Sarah Skoglund

Matt’s a Wildlife Advocate for the Natural Resources Defense Council. (He's also a former lawyer, but don't tell anyone.) Away from the office, he fly-fishes, hunts, skis, trail-runs, backpacks, gardens, stalks mushrooms . . . you get it: he prefers the outdoors over the office.  Sarah is a “lover of all things art & design.” She’s the owner of SKS Art Company, the curators of private and corporate art collections as well as the promoters of emerging and established artists. Matt and Sarah live in Bozeman with a crazy bird dog named Aldo.

Katie Thomas
Mike Porco
This linguist and editor-at-will is a genuine native of Bozeman who loves all things local. With the exceptions of one year in France, college in Washington, and one summer living out of a Honda in Wyoming, Katie has been kicking around the valley her whole life and knows where to find its hidden treasures. In addition to gardening, singing, dancing, cooking Thai, and hot-springing with her husband, Katie enjoys living up to the Bozeman stereotype with her cruiser bike, Subaru, kayak, running shoes, and skis. All she needs is a rescued mutt.
Kim McKeehan
Kim McKeehan
The unflagging do-gooder on staff, Kim has championed the cause of fellow Native Americans, Bozeman’s homeless, and those suffering from addiction, while she works part-time with the elderly.  A wife and mother of two wildcat, free-hearted children, Kim’s a Renaissance gal who’s always got her next three assignments figured out.  After family, her loves are poetry, religion and Reiki.
Dan Schrad
Dan Schrad

If you like the way the Magpie looks, this is the guy to credit.  If you don’t, nobody asked you anyway.  His Magpie lineage dates back before the Dirty Bird egg was lain, back to the river country days in Iowa (art was his primary outlet; drinking beer with the editor-to-be was more secondary).   Dan has for more than a decade lived and worked in Colorado, where he is a husband and father of three, an avid athlete, and the creative director for a marketing firm in LoDo.  Dan grins a lot.

Mike Porco
Mike Porco

Some rocks stay put and others have to roll.  Porco lit out for “points east” in late November.  But we still get the occasional postcard from the edge—in this case, the edge is somewhere between Sleepy Hollow country and Donald Trump’s hairdresser.  For this guy—one of the original Magpies—a perch is always open.

Beverly Ridge
Beverly Ridge

She’s our in-house restaurant critic, and Bev enjoys the unique position as both the Magpie’s most popular and most controversial voice.  Not one to blanch at a little heat or the kitchen—she knows every job in the food service industry, backwards and forwards.  Bev’s personal mission is “to protect Montana diners from the fleecing imposters, the lazy sourpusses, and the just plain rotten.”

Dan Armstrong
Dan Armstrong

A native of Billings, Dan dove into his eventual career by taking pictures of friends on Montana river escapades.  That led to winter sports photography and ultimately co-ownership of a commercial outfit called Strobot Studios. For the future, Dan’s actively pursuing more marketing work with big hitters like Patagonia and Puma as well as architectural shoots.  In the last couple of years, he’s been adding stamps to his passport, doing travel/marketing work for Montenegro and the Democratic Republic of Georgia.

Michele Corriel
Blake Maxwell

A freelance writer living and working in the Gallatin Valley, Michele’s work is as varied as the life she’s led, from the rock/art venues of New York City to the rural back roads of Montana. Published regionally and nationally, Michele has received a number of awards for her non-fiction as well as her poetry. Her second book, Weird Rocks, will be published in 2013. She is also the inventor and curator of the Poetry Dispenser.

Jay Moor
Ike Chandler

Living with his wife near Bozeman, Jay Moor is a former Chief of Strategic Planning for UN-HABITAT, the United Nations agency for improving cities and the lives of slum dwellers in developing countries.  In January of 2012, Jay formalized the direction of his written work in these pages under the heading, GeezerScat University, as “a way of reintroducing essential knowledge to a culture that seems to have forgotten.”

Rob Batzler
Rob Batzler
Another Iowan and perennial Magpie, Rob’s been since Day One the technical expert and website developer for both the Magpie and Beta Scout, our outdoor social network.  His business operates as RB Web Development, and Rob moonlights as a volleyball coach for Drake University and dabbles in many other volleyball related activities.
Additional Contributors
Ellie Newell, Megan McGlothlen, Brett Byers, Becky Edwards, Doug Peacock, Dean Williamson, Marshall Swearingen, Paul J. Driscoll, and Doug Peacock.
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